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Client Resource Center

You would eliminate administrative costs associated with:
  • Social Security tax
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Unemployment tax
  • Scheduling problems
  • Uniform costs
  • Shift differential
  • Sick pay
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Supervisor’s pay
  • Guard training programs
  • Overtime premium pay
  • Hiring and firing
  • Vacation pay
  • Pension plans

South Brunswick Security is more nimble than most large corporate security staffing companies. We are able to scale up security needs on a moments notice, have personnel on call 24/7 and are readily available even during the holidays. Because of our central location, we are familiar with local legislation, events and challenges that we have already briefed our staff on and have factored into our business operations.

South Brunswick Security prides itself on personalized customer service. Once we receive a request, the CEO himself makes a point of reaching out and stopping in to discuss security staffing needs.


Name of Company


Contact Number (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Site Address

Contact Person (Full Name)

Site Telephone Number (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Fax Number (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Emergency Contact(s)

Start Date to End Date

Guards required per shift

Shift required


Is the site equipped with one or more of the following:
Toilet facilities YesNo
Site telephone YesNo
Payphone YesNo
Shelter YesNo



Employment Center

  • Social Security card (original card, copies will not be accepted)
  • SORA certification
  • Driver’s license

Please also note, you will need both a personal cell phone and car available for your use at all times in order to be placed at an assignment.

You will need to complete a W9 form before your first assignment. This can be completed online via the IRS’ site here.

All security officers must be registered through the State Police of New Jersey.You can go here to get started: This also provides information on where to get finger printed.

Please note that we require that all candidates have the following credentials before completing this employment inquiry:
cell phone, your own personal vehicle available 24/7, SORA card, drivers license, original Social Security card

Full Name


My level of experience is
1-5 years5-10 years10+ yearsno experience

I am available to work
immediatelywithin a monthfurther out than 1 monthuncertain

I can work the following days
Monday—Friday: 8am-4pmMonday—Friday: 4pm-12amMonday—Friday: 12am-8amWeekends: 8am-4pmWeekends: 4pm-12amWeekends: 12am-8am

I can best be reached
during the dayduring the evening

I prefer to be contacted via

Please upload your resume and any supporting documentation here

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We are available 24/7 to support your security staffing needs

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