When you can’t afford “down time” even when it’s Memorial Day Weekend

SBS provides effective security services that are designed specifically to address the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

A fundamental component of your pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is its security. Ongoing projects and processes can be unnecessarily delayed due to the slightest security issues, which can cause considerable time and monetary losses. On-site machinery, which is controlled by human hands, may be subject to failure, accidents or unauthorized use, which presents a formidable set of security problems.

Additionally, pharmaceutical sites sometimes contain highly volatile substances that must be carefully monitored and kept highly secure. In consideration of the specialized security needs of pharmaceutical plants, SBS has the right security resources and experience needed to ensure optimal results.

SBS has been there whenever that bell would ring signaling a last minute need for additional security personnel, no matter the time. It is a comfort to know that their office is open and manned 24/7/365.

We placed the call at 6pm Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend. We needed an additional 6 security officers ASAP to safeguard several manufacturing/production lines when our mechanical security measures suddenly failed. This failure meant the stopping of production and an enormous amount of monetary waste. Within a short amount of time SBS was able to fill our security needs, get us up and running, and quell an emergent situation.

—Brian M.