Campus construction company receives bomb threat!

Emergency Response and Incident Command System

A notable local university has been performing a lot construction on their campus over the past few years. Even though the University employs their own in-house “Campus Police”, because of our reputation and close proximity, the construction companies that they contracted with have hired us to compliment the campus police presence.

During the multi-million dollar construction project, one of these construction companies received a bomb threat. South Brunswick Security Company was called to immediately increase the security of police presence. Within fours hours, SBS was able to add an additional six officers per shift to expand the perimeter of safety, thus limiting unauthorized access by any determined insurgents.

During this time, SBS implemented full resources of our Emergency Response and Incident Command System thus insuring immediate action, and avoiding any confusion regarding procedures. SBS was well prepared to handle the situation. Fortunately, no further action was required or needed and the construction went on with no further interruption.

SBS provides effective security to any site, tailoring our services to the needs of the client at a moment’s notice. This includes switching tactics to fit the changing circumstances surrounding the site. In today’s world, situations concerning security and safety are constantly changing. We must adapt to these changes by altering the tactics we use to battle these concerns. Complacency is not an option!