Companies call on SBS for their natural disaster preparedness

SBS works with our clients to ensure that their security needs are met in the event of an emergency

The helping hand we offered a manufacturing company exemplifies SBS’s commitment to improving life in the communities where we work and live. The opportunity to facilitate the assistance needed is what we strive for. Hurricane Irene was a powerful and expansive storm that brought flooding rains and high winds from the Coast of North Carolina to inland areas of Vermont and New Hampshire. Hurricane warnings and states of emergency were declared in 13 states and the District of Columbia and thousands of residents in New Jersey faced unprecedented evacuation orders.

Finding the right partner when an emergency or disaster strikes is crucial to a company’s core operation. SBS works with our clients to ensure that their security needs are met in the event of an emergency such as a strike or natural disaster. Emergency and disaster services can involve the deployment of large groups of personnel and include complicated operational issues, such as travel, communications equipment, lodging, etc. in sometimes challenging environments. SBS has a well-established and documented Disaster and Emergency Operations Plan that has been developed from our extensive experience in providing these services to our clients over the years. When the company, a neighbor, called before Irene hit the area and questioned whether we could, “keep an eye” on their facility (in case disaster struck), we simply added them to our increasing list of last minute requests. We met with them and were given the keys and full access to their entire facility. None of their personnel would be near the facility during the storm. This shows a level of trust that can’t be categorized.

When Irene hit all of their electronic security systems were down for the count. Our team had bunkered down for the duration. Men who had their own families to be concerned about stayed on site for 4 days straight before any of the company’s management team could make it there safely. Since that event we now hold those keys permanently in case a similar situation should arise. Well, as fate would have it, we had to do almost the identical thing for Super Storm Sandy. We are neighbors first! That means that we will always be there when anyone is crisis. This epitomizes SBS’s outlook on community. We recognize that, with the right plan and partner, your business can weather any emergency or disaster. Let us help you secure your world.